Интерактивный памятник Стиву Джобсу открыли В Петербурге


 В среду в Петербурге во дворе технопарка Санкт-Петербургского национального исследовательского университета информационных технологий (НИУ ИТМО), механики и оптики открыли мемориал в честь основателя корпорации Apple Стива Джобса.



 On Wednesday in Petersburg in a court yard of technopark of the St.-Petersburg national research university of information technology (NIU ИТМО), mechanics and optics have opened a memorial in honour of the founder of corporation Apple of Steve Jobs.

As informs RIA Novosti news agency, the monument to the great businessman and the inventor represents a copy iPhone in human growth. The sculpture height equals to Jobs's growth — 188 centimetres.

On the forward panel the touch interactive screen on which the biography of founder Apple is presented is placed, photos and video with Jobs are shown. On a back surface the QR-code, считав which by means of mobile devices is placed, users can come on a site devoted to Jobs.

The rector of NIU ИТМО, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Vasilev, the head of holding ZEFS Maxim Dolgopolov, one of Steve Jobs Timoti Dion's colleagues, and also representatives of administration of St.-Petersburg have taken part in monument opening ceremony.

According to the author of the project of Petersburger Gleb Tarasova, the memorial is executed in the form of the smart phone iPhone 4 — last device developed Apple is direct with the assistance of Jobs. The university territory is chosen for the reason that NIU ИТМО is the only thing in the world the quadruple winner of the International student's Olympic Games on programming.

It is necessary to notice that last year competition on the best project of a memorial has won other project of Tarasova which «the Solar QR-code» is called. According to an idea of the author, the QR-code should change daily, and to read it it would be possible only at about noon. However, as the author of idea at monument opening has explained, this project has been decided to refuse because of cloudy weather peculiar to Petersburg.

Authors of other projects participating in competition, suggested to represent Steve Jobs leaving of a tablet iPad, to transform his face into a labyrinth, to dress up in clothes of god Zevsa or even, for some reason, in a cap with ear-flaps.

Steve Jobs has died on October, 5th, 2011 from a pancreas cancer. It has become famous as one of authors of the personal computers Macintosh, five generations of smart phones iPhone, планшетника iPad, multimedia players iPod, and company Apple became most expensive in the world soon after his death.


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